CATERING UNLIMITED, established by owners Goldie van Heerden and Jo Venter in 2007, has build a reputation for excellent service, advanced cuisine and the most talked about catering and conference team in the Western Cape. CATERING UNLIMITED always creates a friendly sophisticated feel to the atmosphere.

CATERING UNLIMITED prides themselves on making simple dishes where the flavours speak for themselves. Our food philosophy is to buy the best quality on offer! Simplicity is our key! We choose our dishes to suit the experience, climate and seasons. Our food is understated quality and if it creates special moments for delegates, then we are pleased.

The CATERING UNLIMITED team is well trained, friendly and approachable. The coolest thing about CATERING UNLIMITED business, however, is innovation: a continuous stream of new ideas and surprising seasonal creativity.

At Wallenberg Conference Centre @ STIAS, all delegates experience quality, healthy fresh food. There is a wide choice of dining styles and venues to suit your every need and whim, including fine dining, overseen by well-qualified chefs.