Publications 2009


Kevin Gray and Susan Francis Gray
Elements of Land Law (5th edition)
Oxford University Press (2009).

Karin van Marle (editor)
Refusal, Transition and Post-Apartheid Law
SUN MeDIA (2009) 163 pp (ISBN: 978-1-920-338-08-4)

Journal Articles

Michael Chapman
Coetzee, Gordimer and the Nobel Prize
British and American Studies 15 (2009)

Michael Chapman
The Case of Coetzee: South African Literary Criticism 1990 to Today
Journal of Literary Studies 25 (2009)

Michael Chapman (guest editor)
‘Beyond 2000: South African Literature Today’
Current Writing (Special Issue) 2009

Karin van Marle
Vryheid van spraak en die ‘etiese aktiwiteit van denke’
Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe

C Penn, J Watermeyer and K Schie
Hearing loss in a South African pediatric traumatically brain injured population: A record review and case study
International Journal of Audiology

Bill Nasson
John Buchan and the Creation of the Sprinbok Warrior
in “Reassessing John Buchan: Beyond the Thirty-Nine Steps”, Kate Macdonald (ed) (2009) Pickering and Chatto (London)

Bill Nasson
Piet on peat: the Irish romance of Afrikaner anti-imperialism
in “The British Empire and Its Contested Pasts”, Historical Studies XXVI, Robert J. Blythe and Keith Jeffrey (eds) (2009) Irish Academic Press (Dublin; Portland OR)

J Watermeyer and C Penn
The organization of pharmacist-patient interactions in a HIV Aids context
Journal of Pragmatics

J Watermeyer and C Penn
“Tell me so I know you understand”: pharmacists’ verification of patients comprehension of ARV dosage instructions
Patient Education and Counseling

K Rateitschak and O Wolkenhauer
Thresholds in transient dynamics of signal transduction pathways
IET Systems Biology

O Wolkenhauer and A Muir
The complexity of cell-biological systems
Handbook of the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 16. Philosophy of Complexity, Chaos and Non-Linearity, Clifford Hooker and John Collier (editors)

M Ullah and O Wolkenhauer
Investigating the two-moment characterization of subcellular biochemical networks
Journal of Theoretical Biology 260 (2009) 340-52

C van Onselen
Who killed Meyer Hasenfus? Organized crime, policing and informing on the Witwatersrand, 1902-8
History Workshop Journal 67 (2009) (Oxford University Press) 1-22

M Znojil and HB Geyer
Sturm-Schrödinger equations: formula for metric
Pramana 73 (2009) 299-366

Rosemary J. Coombe
The Expanding Purview of Cultural Properties and their Politics
Annual Review of Law and Social Science 5 (2009) 18.1–18.20

Rosemary J. Coombe
‘Possessing Culture’: Political Economies of Community Subjects and Cultural Rights
Ownership and Appropriation (2009)

A Biastoch, LM Beal, JRE Lutjeharms & TGD Casal
Variability and coherence of the Agulhas undercurrent in a high-resolution ocean general circulation model
Journal of Physical Oceanography 39 (2009) 2417 – 2135

Resi Mencacci, Elisabetta De Bernardi, Alessandro Sale, Johann R. E. Lutjeharms, Paolo Luschi
Infuence of oceanic factors on long-distance movements of loggerhead sea turtles displaced in the southwest Indian Ocean
Marine Biology (2009) DOI 10.1007/s00227-009-1321-z (online, 11 pp)

Laure Gouba, Jan Govaerts, M. Norbert Hounkonnou
The 1+1 Dimensional Abelian Higgs Model Revisited: Physical Sector and Solitons
arXiv: 0812.0732v1 [hep-th]

Bo-Sture Skagerstam, Per Kristian Rekdaland Asle Heide Vaskinn
On the Theory of Casimir-Polder Forces
arXiv: 0904.4241v3 [quant-ph]

Massimo Bianchi
Recent Trends in Superstring Phenomenology
arXiv: 0909.1799v1 [hep-th]