Publications 2011


John De Gruchy (editor)
The Humanist Imperative in South Africa
SUN MeDIA (2011)
(Based on the STIAS project A new humanism)

Journal Articles

Marc HV Van Regenmortel
Requirements for empirical immunogenicity trials, rather than structure-based design, for developing an effective HIV vaccine
Archives of Virology (2011)
(Online 19 oct 2011; 10.1007/s00705-011-1145-2)

Olaf Wolkenhauer, Darryl K Shibata, Mihajlo D Mesarovi?
A stem cell niche dominance theorem
BMC Systems Biology 2011, Vol 5, no 4; 16 pp (

Wayne M. Getz
Biomass transformation webs provide a unified approach to consumer–resource modelling
Ecology Letters 14 (2011) 113–124

Robert Owen, Jeandrew Brink, Kip S. Thorne et al
Frame-Dragging Vortexes and Tidal Tendexes Attached to Colliding Black Holes: Visualizing the Curvature of Spacetime
Physical Review Letters (2011) 106, 151101-1/4

Andrew Macnab, Arabat Kasangaki, and Faith Gagnon
Health Promoting Schools Provide Community-Based Learning Opportunities Conducive to Careers in Rural Practice
International Journal of Family Medicine Vol 2011, Article ID 892518, 5 pp

Wayne M. Getz and Norman Owen-Smith
Consumer-resource dynamics: quantity, quality, and allocation
Ecological Monographs, Concepts and Synthesis Articles
PLoS One (2011) 6(1): e14539 (Public Library of Science, online) 18 pp

Jonathan C. Howard, Julia P. Hunna and Tobias Steinfeldt
The IRG protein-based resistance mechanism in mice and its relation to virulence in Toxoplasma gondii
Current Opinion in Microbiology 15 (2011) (invited review, in press)

Rachel N. Carmody, Gil S. Weintraub, and Richard W. Wrangham
Energetic consequences of thermal and nonthermal food processing
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) (2011)
Online 7 Nov 2011

Other publications

Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela
Forgiveness and the Maternal Body: An African Ethics of Interconnectedness
The Fetzer Institute: Essays on Exploring a Global Dream, Spring 2011, Essay Number 5 (John Wiley and Sons) 40 pp

Books in preparation

Deirdre McCloskey (Chicago)
Bourgeois Deeds: How Values Made Innovation and the Modern World
University of Chicago Press (in preparation)

Ursula J van Beek (editor) (2011)
After the crisis: Quo vadis democracy?
Barbara Budrich Publishers (Leverkusen Opladen) in preparation
(Based on the STIAS project The global financial crisis and its consequences for democracy)

Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela
Dealing with Trauma and Guilt in the Aftermath of Mass Atrocity: Making Public Spaces Intimate
Duke University Press (in press)

Hans Lindahl (Tilburg)
A Politics of A-Legality
Oxford University Press (contracted book publication; in preparation)

Basarab Nicolescu (CNRS, Paris)
Science, Culture and Reality – From Modernity to Cosmodernity (preliminary title)
Templeton Press (in preparation; 2012)

Lynn Margulis (Amherst, Massachusetts)
Symbiosis in Cell Evolution (WH Freeman, 4th revised edition; in preparation)

Ryland Fisher
Undoing Racism

Richard Wrangham (Harvard)
Humanity Rising

Nancy Fraser
Rethinking the Capitalist Crisis: A Neo-Polanyian Perspective

Articles submitted

B Hare, V Wobber and R Wrangham
The self-domestication hypothesis: bonobo psychology evolved due to selection against aggression
Submitted to Animal Behavior

Evelyn Fox Keller (MIT)
What is a Rational Response to Extreme Risk?
Submitted to SA Journal of Science

SUN MeDIA STIAS series (schedule)

The Humanist Imperative in South Africa | John de Gruchy (editor) (in press, 2011)

Genres of Critique: Art, Literature, Law and Liminality | Karin van Marle and Stewart Motha (editors) (in preparation, 2011)

Affirmative Action: A Comparative Study | Ockert Dupper & Kamala Sankaran (editors) (scheduled 2012)

Theories of Social and Economic Justice (Revised Edition) | André van der Walt (editor)

Theory from the South | John and Jean Comaroff (Joint publication being negotiated with Chicago University Press)

Democracy under stress: The global crisis and beyond |Ursula van Beek (editor) (Joint publication with Barbara Budrich Publishers)