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Volume 1

01-humanist-imperative-thumbThe Humanist Imperative in South Africa
John de Gruchy (Editor)

SUN PRESS (2011, 200 pp) ISBN: 978-1-920338-56-5
Humanist Imperative in SA @ Africansunmedia



Volume 2

02-democracy-under-stress-thumbDemocracy Under Stress: The global crisis and beyond
Ursula J van Beek and Edmund Wnuk-Lipinski (Editors)

SUN PRESS (2012, 227 pp) ISBN: 978-1-920338-70-1
Democracy Under Stress @ Africansunmedia



Volume 3

03-imagined-liberation-thumbImagined Liberation: Xenophobia, Citizenship and Identity in South Africa, Germany and Canada
Heribert Adam and Kogila Moodley

SUN PRESS (2014, 246 pp) ISBN: 978-1-920338-98-5
Imagined Liberation @ Africansunmedia



Volume 4

04-genres-of-critique-thumbGenres of Critique: Law, Aesthetics and Liminality
Karin van Marle and Stewart Motha (Editors)

SUN PRESS (2014, 168 pp) ISBN: 978-1-920689-02-5
Genres of Critique @ Africansunmedia



Volume 5

05-theory-from-the-south-thumbTheory from the South How Euro-America is evolving toward Africa
Jean Comaroff and John Comaroff

SUN PRESS (2014, 222 pp) ISBN: 978-1-920689-26-1
Theory from the South @ Africansunmedia  (not available as e-book)



Volume 6

06-climate-change-remedies-thumbClimate Change Remedies – Injunctive Relief and Criminal Law Responses
Jaap Spier and Ulrich Magnus (Editors)

SUN PRESS (2014, 247 pp) ISBN: 978-1-920689-27-8
Climate Change Remedies @ Africansunmedia



Volume 7

07-affirmative-action-thumbAffirmative Action: A view from the Global South
Ockert Dupper, Kamala Sankaran (Editors)

SUN PRESS (2014, 285 pp) ISBN: 978‑1‑920689‑46-9
Affirmative Action @ Africansunmedia



Volume 8

08-global-bodies-thumbGlobal Bodies in Grey Zones: Health, Hope, Biotechnology
Susanne Lundin, Charlotte Kroløkke, Michael N. Peterson & Elmi Muller (Editors)

SUN PRESS (2016, 197 pp) ISBN: 978‑1‑928357-19-3
Global Bodies @ Africansunmedia



Volume 9

Education First! From Martin Luther to Sustainable Development
Wolfgang Lutz & Reiner Klingholz

SUN PRESS (2017, 202 pp) ISBN: 978‑1‑928357-35-3
Education First @ Africansunmedia



Volume 10

Subjects of Modernity_thumbSubjects of Modernity: Time-space, disciplines, margins
Saurabh Dube

AFRICAN SUN MeDIA (2017, 190 pp) ISBN: 978-1-920689-99-5
Subjects of Modernity @ Africansunmedia



Volume 11

Effects of RaceThe Effects of Race
Nina Jablonski, with Gerhard Maré (Editors)

AFRICAN SUN MeDIA (2018, 180 pp) ISBN: 978-1-928357-84-1
The Effects of Race @ Africansunmedia
The Effects of Race e-book @ Africansunmedia
The Effects of Race @ Google Books


Volume 12

Changing Our Worlds: Art as Transformative Practice
Michelle LeBaron & Janis Sarra (Editors)

SUN PRESS (2018, 196 pp)
ISBN: 978-1-928357-86-5 (print version), 9781928357872 (e-book)
Changing our Worlds @ AFRICAN SUN MeDIA


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