Prophetic femininities: Between uncertainty and domestication of the invisible

The history of the Euro-Mediterranean world is peopled with female figures who, over the years and with many variants, have presented specific forms of mediation with the supernatural. My interest in religion on the one hand and understandings of the feminine gender on the other characterized the early stages of my research, and in the course of my career I have immersed myself in these themes focusing particularly on Calabria and its sociological, economic and political transformations. The central strategy of my present approach is to investigate forms of contemporary prophecy in southern Italy, in comparison with forms of contact with the supernatural in other contemporary western and urban contexts and new religious movements. In this project I intend to analyze two notions: the invisible and the uncertain. On the one hand, in contemporary Western societies, the contact with the supernatural is mainly related to the notion of the invisible and, therefore, of vision. My approach has already given me some insights regarding the relationship between secularism and religion, gender relations and the political dimension of religious discourse in the current Euro-Mediterranean and western context, but also the policies of the Church for the management of metaphysical instances. My research aims to challenge current processes of de-composition and re-composition of religion, using my specific areas of competence.

Project leader(s):
  • Alfonsina Bellio (Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcités (GSRL))

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