Emerging Legal Geographies of Cultural Rights

This project explores the intensification of interest in culture as the basis for new forms of development and the assertion of new rights. Communities, NGOs, indigenous peoples and new social movement activists now assert distinctive rights and entitlements on cultural rather than economic or political grounds. Contemporary development strategies emphasize the need to tap into … [Read more]


The discipline of Bioinformatics has emerged in the field of molecular and cell biology to deal with the huge amounts of information generated first by genomic and more recently by transcriptomic, proteomic, and metabolomic studies. A parallel field labelled Ecoinformatics is emerging to encompass the interpretation of data relevant to ecological and broader environmental processes. … [Read more]

The Global Crisis and the Future of Democracy

The project is concerned with the sustainability of democracy around the globe in the wake of the 2008-2009 financial and economic crisis. Its underlying hypothesis holds that the crisis might have occasioned a shift towards a different geo-political configuration, away from the paradigm established in the mid-1970s and accelerated after the collapse of the Soviet … [Read more]

Towards a New Humanism

“Why do we simply fail to establish a more human society in South Africa?  In spite of lofty expectations of a “better life for all”, of the restoration of human dignity, of a society free from discrimination, inequality, racism, sexism, corruption, self-enrichment and fear, we, in 2010, apparently are further removed from this ideal than … [Read more]

The HIV-Exposed but Uninfected (HEU) Infant: How Can the Excess Morbidity and Mortality be Explained?

This project has expanded beyond the initial STIAS realm and is the outgrowth of an initiative developed between STIAS and the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS), associated with the University of British Columbia. An interdisciplinary colloquium, the first Peter Wall Colloquium Abroad, was held at STIAS in November 2009 and sought explanations for … [Read more]

Genres of Critique

This project seeks to open and explore a liminal space for critique between aesthetics and politics. We wish to elaborate and expand the meaning and significance of critique for political and legal discourse. Although these questions have broader significance, our focus and immediate grounding will be concerned with African and South African implications. Drawing on … [Read more]

Developing a Model for Electronic Dictionaries

The advent of the electronic area has opened new ways to conceptualise and to organise knowledge. Paradoxically, electronic dictionaries have not exploited these possibilities. They are merely electronic versions of printed dictionaries and generally of a mediocre quality. The project developed a new theoretical model for electronic dictionaries. In the multilingual context of Africa, this … [Read more]