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Fake Advanced Technology in Digital and Internet Communication

‘The fake’ is a central element in natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. It is also key for societal stakeholders, in economy, politics, and the law. Finally, it is the main
force behind artists’ creativity and fabulation. Many studies, projects, and actions have been devoted to the fake. Yet, the new digital technologies of communication are now dramatically changing the scenario. Some of the most disquieting phenomena of present-day societies, from post-truth to fake news, from conspiracy theories to deep fake, originate at the crossroad between traditional figments and new simulacra. Conventional approaches to truth and falsity, authenticity and pretense, facts and fictions are increasingly wanting in coping with the new hybrids of digital communication. An unprecedented synergy between natural and social sciences, humanities and ICT is necessary to assess the changing role of the fake in contemporary societies. FATIDIC, “Fake Advanced Technology in Digital and Internet Communication”, is meant to develop new research questions and fill the existing gap in scholarship. In FATIDIC, the fake is at stake.


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