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Farm Cooperatives Revisited: Towards Autonomy of Small-Producers in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Recent decades have seen the rise of centralised monopoly capital being in control of all facets of economies in the Global South. In the agricultural sector, this has entailed the control and dominance of monopoly capital in the input and output markets,production,and manufacturing processes, thereby unleashing a process of unequal exchange. Unequal power relations have led to calls for the promotion and resuscitation of autonomous producer associations and farmer cooperatives. These have been considered as a pathway of eliminating both the exploitation of farmers and unequal exchange of value. Through a mix of secondary analysis of data and a multi-country study involving Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe, the proposed study seeks to (i) explore the effectiveness of corporatives as an alternative financing, production model, (ii) problematize cooperatives by drawing from experiences of gender, class and ethnic dynamics, as well as (iii) proffer recommendations on the structure and operations of cooperatives.


Fellows involved in this project

Iso Lomso visiting scholar

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