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Improving the understanding of the hydrological processes and assessing the impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in the poorly gauged Okpara catchment in Benin

Climate change is greatly impacting water resources. The rapid population growth and industrial development worsen the situation. These factors will lead to a decrease of available water and create water management issues. While the hydrology of the Okpara catchment (Benin) at the outlet of Kaboua (9,461 km2) is well known, few studies have investigated the outlet of Nanon (1557 km2) where major water challenges exist among which a dam but few data is available. Since the major concern in this study area always remains the insufficiency of data, the current study envisions to generate additional climate and hydrological information through reconstruction of historical data by using observed existing ones and satellite data. New and innovative approaches will be explored for the processing and dissemination of the data online. Then the hydrology of the region will be modeled with two hydrological models. Finally the latest release of climate projections by the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Regional Climate Model (RegCM) will be applied to these models to assess the impacts of climate change and land use on water resources. To investigate this, the present study will adopt three techniques: (1) Statistical methods; (2) hydrological and climate modeling and (3) visual analysis.


Fellows involved in this project

Iso Lomso Fellow

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