Permanent Visiting Fellows of STIAS

A few fellows of STIAS have the status of Permanent Visiting Fellow — they have an open invitation to work at STIAS whenever they can. These fellows are

  • Berhanu Abegaz  (African Academy of Sciences and University of Johannesburg)
  • Sydney Brenner (Cambridge University)
  • Manuel Castells (University of Southern California)
  • Abdallah Daar (Dalla Lana Faculty of Public Health, University of Toronto)
  • Athol Fugard (Artist in residence)
  • Ian Goldin (Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford)
  • Ian Hacking (University of Toronto)
  • Nina Jablonski (The Pennsylvania State University)
  • Njabulo Ndebele (University of Cape Town)
  • Gerard ‘t Hooft (Utrecht University)
  • Neil Turok (Perimiter Institute)