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STIAS Lectures

While much of the work of STIAS Fellows occur within the tranquil, enriching and stimulating environment that an institute for advanced study provides (and moreover, in the attractive environments of the Mostertsdrift estate and its surroundings), STIAS has from the outset endeavoured to bring the work of leading scholars and scientists to a larger public.

Since the inception of the Fellowship programme, STIAS has hosted a series of public lectures by STIAS Fellows on the Stellenbosch University campus. Presenting three to four lectures per semester, the series has offered an opportunity to academics, researchers and students at Stellenbosch University and other universities in the Western Cape, as well as members of the public, to learn more about the work of STIAS fellows and associates.

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 motivated the launch of a new webinar series of lectures. Drawing on the work of STIAS fellows over a period of more than a decade, STIAS has been able to invite leading voices from around the world to reflect on the times we are living in from different perspectives.

A future invited annual lecture series is being planned.

Find an overview of STIAS lectures to date below, with links to the lecture announcements and reports where available.

Public Lecture Series

  • Zakes Mda, Place, memory, orature and the creative process: Readings from the fictions of Zakes Mda
    Lecture announcement
  • Brian Warner, From Salt River to SALT
    Lecture announcement
  • Justice S. Sandile Ngcobo, Democracy, Separation of Powers and the Adjudication of Socioeconomic Rights
    Lecture announcement
  • Ian Hacking, Trees, Races, Genealogies: Classification as Sedimentation
    Lecture announcement
  • Abdallah Daar, Innovating to Address Grand Challenges in Global Health
    Lecture announcement
  • Harald zur Hausen, Are colon cancers and childhood leukemias caused by infections?
    Lecture announcement
  • John Dugard, Do the political transitions in South Africa and Namibia have any lessons for Palestine?
    Lecture announcement

Public Webinar Series

  • Daniel Brooks and Salvatore Agosta, The Evolutionary Commons: Putting Darwinism to Work for Humanity in a Time of Existential Crisis
    Webinar announcement; Webinar report
  • Ian Goldin, TBC