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Team Fellowships

Bring your collaboration to a larger cohort of leading thinkers.

Applications are:


Current round closes:

15 Dec. 2020

For FIRST semester 2022

STIAS accepts and welcomes proposals for team projects (typically three to five participants), especially within the context of the current long-term research themes. Team members are usually accommodated in a large office with five workspaces and adjoining seminar room and lounge.

The same Guiding Principles and Criteria as for individual fellowships apply. Selection is carried out simultaneously with individual fellowships and according to the same selection process and deadlines. Selection for participation in a team project is carried out on an individual basis.

Together with the project proposal the main proposer/team convenor is expected to submit the CVs of the proposed team members, indicate the role of each in the project and provide a timetable showing when team members have committed to be in residence at STIAS.

In general, team project members spend overlapping residencies of approximately two-and-a-half months, limited to a single period of residence. In rare instances a full-semester team project (five months) will be considered.

Support for a workshop/colloquium hosted by the members of a team project may be offered during the residency dates and will be limited to financing the local costs (airport transfers, accommodation, meeting venue and catering) for up to 12 participants (not counting the team fellows in residence). Proposals for a workshop/colloquium must be included in the initial project proposal.

Along with a covering letter, applications should include:

  1. Comprehensive Curricula Vitae of all team members.
  2. A list of publications for each team member.
  3. One or two recent articles typical of each team member’s research work, or related to the proposed project.
  4. A project title and description (2-4 pages) of the planned work and expected outcomes.
  5. A brief summary/ introductory text (maximum 200 words) of the proposed project accessible to readers from outside the candidate’s specific discipline. This will be posted on the STIAS website (see project summaries for examples).
  6. A clear indication of the length of fellowship being applied for, together with preferred and alternative dates of residence at STIAS for each team member.
  7. A brief indication of how the applicants became aware of the STIAS programme.

Submit via…

EMAIL (preferred):
[email protected]
Documentation should be submitted in PDF format.

Ms Gudrun Schirge, STIAS Senior Programme Administrator
Private Bag X1, Matieland 7602, South Africa

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