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Theme Projects

Until 2020, STIAS supported a number of longer term theme projects within its programme, primarily funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. As all other STIAS projects these projects were fellow-driven, i.e. through work primarily done at STIAS by invited fellows who are resident at the Institute for varying periods of time. Each theme was developed and managed by a core group of STIAS fellows who committed to spending time at STIAS on an annual (or biennial) basis for 3-5 years. They were supported to convene workshops or conferences at STIAS, to direct and conduct limited research elsewhere in support of the project goals, and to nominate fellows or short term visiting scholars to join the core group from time to time.

The concept notes linked to each of the seven themes describe them in more detail and list the areas of special interest that they covered. The research topics listed under each of the themes were not intended to be exhaustive, but served as examples of where further research is required and invited. As omissions and new opportunities within the themes emerged these were amended or added to the existing themes, or added as new themes.

While the STIAS programme no longer provides dedicated support to long term theme projects, these earlier seven themes remain accessible on our website for reference and reporting. The themes and the questions that they address remain of relevance to the STIAS programme and proposals, while in no way limited by them, may refer to these historical themes where a clear connection may be made. 

Several new STIAS initiatives have since continued to serve the purpose of directing aspects of the STIAS research programme to new areas of investigation that may have far reaching and innovative impacts in science and scholarship globally, in large part being informed by perspectives and key insights from Africa and from the global South. 

In this vein STIAS continues to actively recruit leading scholars for its fellowship and workshop programmes in view of longer term research engagements. These initiatives are reported under the Initiatives section on the STIAS website.

Group work by STIAS fellows are henceforth supported by means of a Team Fellowships programme.