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Annual Seminars

As part of its mandate to serve a broader national, African and global research community STIAS has over time hosted several series of annual seminars, roundtables and conferences. These have presented an opportunity to explore new areas of investigation, often resulting in longer-term themes and projects by STIAS fellows.

They have also provided an opportunity for STIAS to engage a broader set of stakeholders in the public and private spheres around key discussion areas. The interface between scholarship of the highest level and its implementation in real world contexts is key to the STIAS objectives.

STIAS continues to initiate and present a platform for exploration of critical areas of research and their articulation in planning and policy and welcomes topical or thematic suggestions from scholars and policymakers.

By providing a space that strives to remain free from sectional interests, and that is experienced as a neutral platform for honest exploration and discussion by partners that may elsewhere find themselves in competing positions, cooperation across borders in service of science at the highest level becomes actualised.