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Hearing the 'hidden voices' - Fellows' seminar by John Ganle

Hearing the ‘hidden voices’ – Fellows’ seminar by John Ganle

“The project will seek to enquire into the reproductive, sexual and maternal healthcare needs and challenges of women with disabilities in Ghana; challenge assumptions about disability and asexuality; and, ask how the issue of disability in contexts such as Ghana could be better theorised and studied,” said John Ganle, STIAS Iso Lomso Fellow from the … [Read more]

Thinking not just selecting genes - Fellows' seminar by Scott Turner

Thinking not just selecting genes – Fellows’ seminar by Scott Turner

“If adaptation is a cognitive process and adaptation is an evolutionary process and adaptation is an intentionally driven process – does this mean evolution is a cognitive and intentional process?” “We’ve been getting evolution wrong for a century. Darwin’s successors lost the deep understanding of adaptation that Darwin himself had.” STIAS Fellow Scott Turner during … [Read more]