Developing a Model for Electronic Dictionaries

The advent of the electronic area has opened new ways to conceptualise and to organise knowledge. Paradoxically, electronic dictionaries have not exploited these possibilities. They are merely electronic versions of printed dictionaries and generally of a mediocre quality. The project developed a new theoretical model for electronic dictionaries. In the multilingual context of Africa, this is of special relevance.

Project leader(s):
  • Rufus Gouws (Stellenbosch)
STIAS fellow(s):
  • Herbert Wiegand (Heidelberg)
  • Ulrich Heid (Stuttgart)
  • Paul Mavoungou (Libreville)
  • Afana Ostage (Libreville)

HE Wiegand and RH Gouws, Theoriebedingte Wörterbuchformprobleme und wörterbuchformbedingte Benutzerprobleme I, Lexikos 21 (AFRILEX series 21, 2011) 232-297.