Experimental Protocols for First – person Accounts

The experimental works conducted during the past 15 years by Albertazzi and others have shown that phenomenal qualities subjectively perceived are not explicable by third person accounts. Then the question arises of the methodology/ies to adopt for scientifically understand subjective perceptions.
Differential semantics has been to date the most appropriate method by which one can try to establish correlations between qualitative aspects of perception and their intersubjective meanings. This method enriches the qualitative description of semantic meanings with a list of adjectives. However, differential semantics may always encounter problems of translating linguistic categories from one language to another. Albertazzi’s proposal is to use sensory scales instead of linguistic ones. Albertazzi has developed new methods that can almost completely exclude the use of verbal language in the task. The environment at STIAS, which proved to be extremely productive in the past (Albertazzi 2017; Albertazzi, Louie 2016), would be the best context to write a book on these new methodologies. The book can be of interest for researchers in Cognitive Science, Perception, Biology, Philosophy, Design, Architecture, and Engineers.

Project leader(s):
  • Liliana Albertazzi (Department of Humanities, University of Trento)

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