In Pursuit of a Global Civics

We are the luckiest generation in human history. We lead longer, healthier, more capable and more peaceful lives than any other generation. At the same time, we are condemned to an unprecedented level of global interdependence. Ours is a world where we live with billions of others with whom we share a planet and increasingly our destinies, but not other countries. We have become used to the notion of being able to author our lives, and yet our lives are increasingly co-authored with others. How to manage that co-authorship is the toughest and most consequential question of our age. Technocratic answers along the lines of better global governance may help, but what we need most is a thoughtful conversation about a global civics. We cannot navigate the treacherous waters of our epic interdependence, if we do not take on the challenge of forging a global civics.

Project leader(s):
  • Hakan Altinay (The Brookings Institution)

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