How to survive the post growth century

The 20th century will be seen by historians as the century of growth. World population increased as well as life expectancy and wealth. In the same time resource consumption reached record levels, leaving an overpopulated planet at the edge of a manmade climate change. But now we are entering the post growth century. The early … [Read more]

Xenophobia, Migrancy and Multiculturalism

Different causes and expressions of xenophobia are analysed by comparing three countries: South Africa, Germany and Canada. On a spectrum of rejection of migrants, South Africa is situated at one extreme, with Germany in the middle, and Canada at the other extreme. In each country, different rationalizations are used for ‘othering’ and different policies have … [Read more]

Regime shifts in social-ecological systems: impacts on ecosystem services and implications for poverty alleviation

Regime shifts refer to large, persistent changes in the structure and function of complex systems such as intertwined social-ecological systems (SES). Regime shifts in SES often have large impacts on ecosystem services (e.g., freshwater, food production, climate regulation) with considerable consequences for human livelihoods, health and security. There is evidence that the likelihood of regime … [Read more]

Informational Development and Human Development: South Africa in a Global Perspective

In a current comparative research project the interaction between informational development and human development has been examined in various contexts, including Finland, Silicon Valley, Chile and Taiwan. The project aims at extending the analysis to South Africa. The study has a major policy component, as its final aim is to propose ways to link the … [Read more]