Basic questions of ethics

Work at STIAS will be devoted to additional contributions for English and Chinese translations of the book “Ethics. The basic questions of our life between birth and death” which was published in 2013 in German. Furthermore, the project will address the question, how “values” are transformed into “social institutions”. Justice is the virtue of social … [Read more]

Global Human Rights Law and the Boundaries of Statehood

How does a transformation of the boundaries of statehood contribute to recovering the public and political nature of human rights law beyond the international legal order of territorial states? This question, the object of an international colloquium, is explored along six complementary lines of inquiry: (1) the relationship between international human rights law, state sovereignty … [Read more]

Synthesis, Design, and Resource Optimization in Batch Chemical Plants

The project at STIAS will involve writing a research book aimed at closing a glaring scientific gap in the area of batch chemical process. The book will present state-of-the-art techniques for synthesis, design and resource optimization in batch chemical plants. In all the aspects addressed in the book, emphasis is placed on the rigour and … [Read more]

Emerging Statistical Renaissance in Africa

The project is about completing the writing of a book entitled Emerging Statistical Renaissance in Africa. African countries have adopted the paradigm of managing for results (MfDR) which, inter alia, aims to better define and systematically measure and report on development outcomes. MfDR also emphasizes the importance of better statistics and is data intensive. Its … [Read more]

Wine, Temperance and South African Connectivity c.1900 to the Present

Although wine is often conceived of within bounded national histories, it is a commodity that is best understood within a global framework – especially since the transformations necessitated by the spread of phylloxera in the later nineteenth century. This project, which aims to transcend South African exceptionalism, focuses on three levels of connectivity between South … [Read more]

Garment of Destiny

Work on a new single-author book with a working title of “Garment of Destiny” will be started. The title is derived from Martin Luther King: “It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects … [Read more]

The role of international law in the settlement of conflict: Apartheid South Africa, Namibia and Palestine

This study concerns the question whether the manner in which international law informed political consensus in South Africa and Namibia is of relevance to the settlement of the Israel/Palestine conflict. First, it will examine the competing rules of international law invoked by parties in respect of apartheid South Africa and Namibia and the attainment of … [Read more]

Multifunctionality in managed grassland systems – Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Grassland systems have been in focus for a long time due to their ecological, socioeconomic and cultural importance. If moderately managed, these grasslands may increase the multifunctionality of rural landscapes by harbouring extraordinary high biodiversity and at the same time providing numerous ecosystem services like meat production, carbon sequestration, and different cultural values. Grasslands are … [Read more]

Revised edition of the book ‘Biochemical Oscillations and Cellular Rhythms’

A second edition of the book (entitled “Biochemical Oscillations and Cellular Rhythms. The molecular bases of periodic and chaotic behaviour”, published by Cambridge University Press in 1996, and in paperback edition in 1997 (see Biochemical Oscillations and Cellular Rhythms) will be prepared. The book is devoted to the study of the molecular bases of cellular … [Read more]


The target and at the same time the tool of the project is the conceptualisations and imaginations of the social and the economic in various African languages. The semantics of these two spheres are conventionally departing from Western conceptualisations with an origin in the Antique World. The project, part of a larger research team, will … [Read more]