Acting on Stage

Role-playing on stage, e.g. an actor playing Shakespeare’s Richard III, clearly differs from role-playing in real life, e.g. Richard III playing that role in 15th century London. On-stage acting has been distinguished from real-life acting in various ways: as involving ‘make-believe’, with audiences having to ‘suspend their disbelief’ (e.g. that they are watching Richard III); … [Read more]

The work and legacy of Sesotho writer Thomas Mofolo

Dunton and Krog are to edit for peer review and publication a set of papers delivered at a conference held in Lesotho on the work of Sesotho writer Thomas Mofolo. Mofolo wrote the first novel ever in an indigenous language in Sub-Saharan Africa. His third novel “Chaka” had been chosen by the 1998 Zimbabwe International … [Read more]

African Constitutionalism: Comparitive Perspectives

The main project that I have engaged in at STIAS since 2013 falls under the general theme, “African Constitutionalism: Comparative Perspectives.” The goal has been to organise a series of seminars bringing together African scholars in this area who will focus on topical issues relating to constitutionalism in Africa. It was envisaged that through the … [Read more]

Democracy at the Crossroads? Normative, performance and legitimacy changes in contemporary democracies

Current crises can hardly be reduced to fiscal or economic phenomena; they seem to be much deeper, including the crisis of democracy per se. “Democracy lost to the greedy market forces” seems to be a widespread and deep conviction across the world. This project is concentrated on two issues and research questions: (1) has democracy … [Read more]

Traditional leadership, democracy and development in the rural eastern Cape: a study of futures past

The problem of how to marry constitutional democracy with traditional authorities in the postcolonial context is not unique to South Africa and has been substantially explored in other contexts. This exploration has been informed in part by the resurgence of traditionalism and of chiefly power across the continent. In South Africa as in many other … [Read more]

Science in South Africa – a synoptic history

The history of science and of scientific knowledge in South Africa is a growing field of interest but it remains relatively fragmented. There has been work done on particular disciplines and institutions, on leading scientists, and on the history of exploration. Science, understood as a field of mutual intellectual exchange and cultural interaction, has been … [Read more]

HIV prevention and treatment: from policy to implementation

During my residency at STIAS I will be analyzing data and completing two scientific papers on HIV prevention, in particular the prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) in sub-Saharan Africa, specifically in Kenya and Tanzania where I have ongoing projects and data is being collected. The very recent decision by these countries to roll … [Read more]

The modern practice of intervention by invitation and its implications for the prohibition of the use of force

The research examines how the criteria for permissible military intervention by invitation as developed in international law doctrine are currently implemented by States, as well as how this impacts the prohibition of the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of States. Controversies concern in particular the determination of the authority entitled … [Read more]

Dichotomies in biology and the origin of life problem

Advances in synthetic biology have brought the long-standing ‘Origin of Life’ problem once again into prominence. Traditionally the problem was posed in terms of what seemed to be a sharp dichotomy between an entity that was alive and one that was not. Analogous dichotomies have featured in other areas of biology: for example, the ones … [Read more]

Writing Across Borders – In Praise of Impurity

The idea of combining and possibly merging ‘ethnography’ and ‘fiction’ emanates from my research on literature’s role in the transition processes of South Africa and Argentina (Fiction and Truth in Transition : Writing the present past in South Africa and Argentina, 2012), which brought me in the end, to my own surprise, to the crossroads … [Read more]