Short Stories of the World: Africa

This intended collection will include around 20 African short stories which will be translated into Icelandic. The stories will span a period of 50-70 years and represent as many African countries as possible. The collection will comprise the fourth volume of an anthology of short stories from around the world. The first two volumes, the … [Read more]

Luanda is not Paris: a situated epistemology of Southern Urbanism Theory

This project for a book titled In the skin of the city: Luanda, or the dialectics of spatial transformation examines the process of historic formation and transformation of Luanda, the capital city of Angola. Luanda is one of the oldest urban conglomerations founded by European empires in the Southern hemisphere, in 1575. I explore the … [Read more]

Digital Capitalism

This project is about “digital capitalism,” and more specifically, the emergence of a new “gig” economy associated with the rise of new “platform” business models such as Uber, Upwork, TaskRabbit, Helpling, and others. These new app-based companies create value not by producing “things” or even by providing services in the traditional way, but instead by … [Read more]

My Voice in Contemporary Art Music

I experience contemporary art music as a marriage of two musical cultures, Kiganda of the Baganda in Uganda and the western art music, which have shaped my musical performance and creativity for the last 40 years. This residence will be about sharing this musical experience through the production of a premier performance, completion of an … [Read more]

Black Swans in Public Administration: Rare Organizational Failure with Severe Consequences

The subject of the project is organizational failure in public administration with severe consequences for the physical integrity of humans. Examples are coordination and management deficits of child protection, organizational failure in disaster relief, inadequate maintenance of public infrastructure causing buildings and bridges to collapse, etc. The theoretical point of departure is the asymmetry between … [Read more]

The Politics of Education Reform in Middle-Income Countries

A growing scholarly consensus views high quality education as essential for sustained and equitable development. Yet lasting reforms to improve education quality in developing countries are rare because political opposition and government turnover regularly stall, dilute, or subsequently undo reforms. We know much more about what kinds of reform improve quality than about the politics … [Read more]

Untermenschen: Nietzsche on slavery – and what it means to be human

Does modern capitalism produce new forms of slavery? What can human flourishing mean in a globalized system of extreme exploitation, coercion and dependence? How have philosophers re-defined moral and political commitments in the light of such radical inequality? These questions lie at the heart of the research I hope to carry out at STIAS. The … [Read more]

Theological ethics in the intersection of moral psychology and sociology

There is a long-standing debate in theological ethics (as well as in moral philosophy) between, on the one hand, theories that thinks of ethics as a form of decision theory that can overcome the contingency and arbitrariness of the human body (emotions and intuitions) and the socio-historical context, and, on the other hand, understandings of … [Read more]

A Place to Call Home: A comparative study of the urban housing boom in Luanda and Nairobi

Despite their very different political and economic contexts, both Luanda and Nairobi have experienced housing booms and urban property bubbles over the last fifteen years. Both also exhibit the “extreme splintered urbanism” found in other urban landscapes across Africa, where sprawling informal settlements with inadequate housing and services border new middle class suburbs. This study … [Read more]

“African International Courts”

In the course of the last decades, several international courts have been established, either within the African Union [AU], or within the Regional Economic Communities [RECs], and even within some smaller sub- regional organizations. The proposed research aims at reviewing the way those Courts are conceived, both with respect to the way they are constituted, … [Read more]