String Theory and Quantum Gravity – New Developments and Links to Low-energy Physics

The project explored the relationship between classical gravity and quantum field theories, as well as possible applications of the mathematical structures of string theory to low energy systems such as Quantum Hall Fluids. A further focus deals with the quantization of constrained systems, which naturally links to the above problems. The opportunity for African theoretical physicists to interact with colleagues from Europe, the USA and other parts of the world is used to plan future structures in South Africa and Africa in support of theoretical physics research on the continent.

Project leader(s):
  • Hendrik Geyer (Stellenbosch)
STIAS fellow(s):
  • Leonard Susskind (Stanford)
  • James Gates (Maryland)
  • Jan Govaerts (Leuven)
  • Robert De Mello Koch (Witwatersrand)
  • Joao Rodrigues (Witwatersrand)

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