Technological knowledge: A new structure

The purpose of this project is to help energize the innovation chain — the sequence of events that leads from scientific discovery, to technological progress and on to practical application. The project focuses on the technology link.

Technology is the major source of economic growth. It is heavily endowed. Every day there is a global outburst of new technologies. At the same time technology poses many challenges.

  • It is troublesome to manage
  • It precipitates huge financial losses
  • It causes extensive pollution

A prime reason is the poor state of technological knowledge. A deep dichotomy exists: Knowledge of individual specialties is brilliant; knowledge of overall structure is non-existent. Essential features, like the techno-sphere — the assemblage of all technologies — are not explored.

This project will contribute to an overall structure of technological knowledge by suggesting a set of unifying concepts and frameworks. It will contribute to improved management of technology and policy formation and have an energizing effect on the innovation chain.

Project leader(s):
  • Rias van Wyk (Technoscan Centre, Minneapolis)

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