The work of culture in an age of informational capital

The major project is to outline and pursue further research on the forthcoming book, titled ‘Intellectual Property and its Publics: The Work of Culture in an Era of Informational Capital’ which explores new pressures and tendencies to treat culture as a resource and the growing propensity to claim rights on cultural grounds under neoliberal capitalism. Topics which will be addressed include the expansion of intellectual property protection and the growing use of intellectual property rhetoric in new regions and with respect to new forms of cultural attachment, new means of marking and marketing cultural goods, and the expansion of cultural heritage regimes. A secondary project is on co-edited peer-reviewed volume on the legal concept of fair dealing (with respect to cultural materials) and its social practice in digital environments.

Project leader(s):
  • Rosemary Coombe (York, Toronto)

Rosemary Coombe. Cultural Agencies: ‘Constructing’ Community Subjects and their Rights, in Mario Biagioli, Peter Jaszi, and Martha Woodmansee (eds), Making and Unmaking Intellectual Property 79-98. University of Chicago Press, Chicago (2011)

Rosemary Coombe. Possessing Culture: Political Economies of Community Subjects and their Properties, in Mark Busse and Veronica Strang (eds), Ownership andAppropriation 105-127. Berg Publishers, London (2011)

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