African Storybook Project Presented on YouTube

21 January 2014

In October 2013 STIAS and the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS) co-hosted a Wall Colloquium Abroad at the STIAS Wallenberg Reseach Centre. The focus of the colloquium was the  African Storybook Project,  initiated by the South African Institute for Distance Education (SAIDE)  – see African Storybook Project at STIAS

The goal of the African Storybook Project is to contribute to improved literacy of children throughout Africa by developing a comprehensive digital library of openly licensed stories in multiple languages for early reading of African children, as well as tools to facilitate access to and use of these stories in schools and communities, and the colloquium provided a platform for further planning and conceptualisation.

The scope and vision of the project is now captured in a YouTube video clip which can be viewed at African Story Book Project on YouTube 




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