“Theory from the South” and “Climate Change Remedies” published in the STIAS series

22 August 2014

Two new volumes have recently been added to the STIAS series:

Theory from the South  by STIAS fellows Jean and John Comaroff:

Theory from the South flyer

and Climate Change Remedies edited by STIAS fellows Jaap Spier and Ulrich Magnus:

Climate Change flyer

These volumes may be ordered from the publisher SUN PRESS by clicking the respective links above, or the icons below:

Theory from the South               Climate Change


Earlier volumes in the STIAS series may be found at STIAS series of book publications with similar links for ordering.

When the inaugural volume in the STIAS series, The Humanist Imperative in South Africa, was published in 2011, it carried the following preface by the STIAS Director:

“The Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS) was born from a simple but powerful conviction: in this part of the world special initiatives are required to create and maintain an environment where we can generate and engage with conceptual frameworks and knowledge that may guide us in tracking and co-shaping global academic developments and that will allow us to address the ‘big’ questions and issues South Africa and the African continent face, also in a global context.

STIAS has been moulded in the tradition of Institutes for Advanced Study across the globe. It distinguished itself by encompassing all disciplines from the natural to the social sciences and humanities (with a particular emphasis on research grounded in multi-disciplinarity), by maintaining a focus on the African and South African context, and by striving towards contemporary relevance, also by actively creating avenues for communicating the results of its research projects to a wider public.

The STIAS series publications are thus aimed at a broad public which will naturally vary with specific research themes. Straddling the academic world and the forum of an engaging public is a challenge that STIAS accepts; we trust that each STIAS publication will reflect the `creative space for the mind’ in which it is rooted, stimulate public interest and debate, and contribute to informed decision making at various levels of our society.”

These remain firm guiding principles for the STIAS series; we congratulate the current authors and editors with their publications and thank them for joining us in pursuit of these goals.




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STIAS is a creative space for the mind.