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Jan Govaerts

Center for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology
Université Catholique de Louvain
  • 2012 and earlier

Related publications

Journal Article

F G Scholtz and J Govaerts. 2008. Thermodynamics of a non-commutative fermion gas. Journal of Physics, A 41, 505003

Journal Article

Laure Gouba, Jan Govaerts, M. Norbert Hounkonnou. 2009. The 1+1 Dimensional Abelian Higgs Model Revisited: Physical Sector and Solitons. arXiv: 0812.0732v1 [hep-th]

Journal Article

Zonetti Simone; Govaerts Jan. 2012. Duality between (1+1)-dimensional dilaton-Maxwell gravity and Liouville field theory. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS A-MATHEMATICAL AND THEORETICAL, 45 (4). Article Number: 042001. DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/45/4/042001

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