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Analyzing Natural Disaster Management Policy in SSA

Although an African Union Comprehensive Strategy Guide for Disaster Risk Reduction (AUDRR) exists, escalating natural disasters continue to aggravate livelihood insecurity across the continent, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Multi-stakeholder approaches in which different actors jointly participate in disaster management, adaption, or resilience building can minimize negative impacts. This however demands an enabling policy environment. The AUDDR promotes this agenda. However, not much is known on how individual SSA countries formulate and implement disaster policies in line with AUDRR, given that policies are essentially the responsibilities of national governments. This book project analyzes how national policies of some purposively selected SSA countries (Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria & South Africa) align to the AUDRR. A mixed method approach is applied; combining systematic desk reviews of policy documents with direct interviews from top executives of national and subnational disaster policy institutions. Data is collected from similar institutional types at both levels to enhance consistency. Each country case study will constitute a chapter. The last chapter will summarize all case studies and conclude with suggestions on how policy can improve DRR in SSA.


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