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Constitutional Identity and Constitutionalism in Africa

The main purpose of this project is to interrogate whether the challenges faced by the new generation of African constitutions to enhance the prospects for constitutionalism was due, inter alia, to their lack of alignment with the African social context in terms of reflecting an African constitutional identity. Discussions will look at, inter alia, the relevance of constitutional identity to the African constitutional order, its links to the colonial legacy, the impact of emerging calls for decolonisation on constitutional identity, the links this has to traditional values and institutions and the overarching impact of these issues on constitutionalism. The highlight of this project will be the recognition of the two outstanding African constitutionalists of all times, Professors Ben Nwabueze of Nigeria and Yash Ghai of Kenya, to whom, the next volume of the series, Stellenbosch handbook in African constitutional law will be devoted.


Fellows involved in this project

Coordinator, Fellow
South Africa

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Book/Book Chapter

Fombad, Charles M. and Nico Steytler. (Eds.). 2024. Constitutional Identity and Constitutionalism in Africa. Oxford University Press.


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16 September 2021

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