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High-Resolution Laboratory X-Ray Bio-Imaging

This project concerns methods to obtain higher spatial resolution and improved contrast when imaging thick biological samples – a classical and generic bio-imaging problem. The methods are enabled by our recent progress in x-ray science, especially unique high-brightness laboratory x-ray sources, x-ray optics, and computational algorithms. Phase-contrast x-ray angiography with <10 micrometer resolution and the potential for <100 micrometer molecular imaging based on nanoparticle x-ray fluorescence have recently been demonstrated, both at acceptable dose for small-animal imaging. It is now planned to apply these methods to biologically relevant in-vivo imaging. Such bio-imaging systems have potential for significant impact on life science research. The Stellenbosch visit will be used for a literature study on tumour angiogenesis and nanoparticle bio-interaction, with the goal to give physicists the necessary biomedical background to properly interact with the medical sciences.


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