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Implant Associated Infections

The aim research project is to find new ways to prevent and treat implant associated infections. This is a science-driven innovation focused project that has the potential to highly impact the biomaterials industry and the wider society through the improvement of healthcare, both from the patient perspective and healthcare economics. The proposal is motivated by an important clinical problem/need and will be executed as an theoretical research project that meet the highest scientific standards from a multidisciplinary view including the fields of biomaterial sciences, infection microbiology and implant surgery.
The project is focused on the engineering design of orthopedic implants and more specifically the implants surface. The aim is to further optimize today’s implants, which are integrating and purpose fulfilling devices, into devices with additional antimicrobial properties. This has to be achieved without compromising the integrating or biomechanical properties of the implant, probably without the need for the medical device to be classified as drug according to regulations, and with improved effectiveness towards antibiotic resistant bacteria.


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