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Limbo: A Novel

My aim is to work on a draft of a novel I’ve been writing for several years. The main character of the story would be a 90yearold veteran who lives in a not welldefined European country. As a member of the French military technical troops, he participated in the first atomic energy test in the Sahara Desert of Algeria in 1963. He carries within himself the trauma of his war experience and, although he is not afraid to die, he is obsessed by the consequences that a Third World War could provoke.

It is for this reason that, thanks to a large amount of money he inherits, that he decides to build an underground refuge, a Limbo, where he decides to host several individuals with intricate pasts of migration and exile. Once imprisoned in the Limbo, each character will have to deal with their own idiosyncrasies and personal stories. Hope is the main theme of the novel, hope that as human beings let us give up our freedom. In this historical moment, in which the world crisis induced by the pandemic has led us, reflecting on the theme of hope and reduced ability to move looks very essential.


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