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The logic of decoloniality

Whilst most decolonial scholars have made important contributions on the nature of coloniality as an intellectual problem and the need to decolonise, the practical deployment of decolonial programme is yet to commence. Decoloniality commences in practice when the logic of coloniality is brought into question and replaced with another in all the tropes it grounds. As of yet, most decolonial thinkers I know are yet to do that. This represents a huge gap in the literature, which my project aims to fill. Every system has a background logic and all intellectual programmes like coloniality are shaped by some logic. It is impossible to dismantle such programmes without first dismantling or tweaking the logic they rest on. A decolonial programme that is driven by the divisive logic of coloniality will inevitably morph into a new coloniality. This project is to ground decoloniality and its methods on a variant of three-valued logic I had developed earlier (2019). Some implications can be expected: 1. Inauguration of binary complementation as a new logical option, 2. A radical alteration to the way we see the world and relate to it, 3. The dismantling of the cognitive empire of the European modernity and the revalidation of world knowledge ecologies, 4. Emancipating reason from its colonial captivity, 5. Creating a wellspring of interdisciplinary and intercultural epistemic and methodological transformations. These will have relevance, not only in South Africa that seriously pursues programmes of transformation in educational, economic, poilitical and social spaces, but on the rest of the African continent in its struggle to shake off the shackles of coloniality.


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