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Uses of Literature

The value of literature is minimised in the functioning of society. If this is the case in South Africa, the problem has to a greater or lesser degree a global applicability. In turning a comparative lens on South Africa, the project seeks to identify the ‘uses’ of literature to its own study, to other professions and, generally, to the public sphere. How might literature – defined not narrowly as high art, but broadly as imaginative expression and responsiveness – play a role in human and societal flourishing? The project locates its purpose in ‘post-apartheid’ difficulties, particularly as these pertain to a divisive public language.


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South Africa

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Journal Article

Chapman, Michael. 2019. The Story of an Anthology: “Conjunctures in a Disjunctive Society?” Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 31(2), 116–130.

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