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Impacts, opportunities and challenges related to community sustainable livelihoods: A case study of the potamonautid conservation in Chimanimani, Eastern Highlands

Human population growth threatens the integrity of 0.8% of the Earth’s freshwater ecosystems globally, through reduction of its ability to support biodiversity and provide ecosystem services. The aim of the project is to assess direct or indirect community livelihoods impacts on preservation of crab species Potamonautes spp., and attempt to identify opportunities and constrains to conservation of crabs within the pre-existing livelihoods of the community households in Chimanimani, Eastern Highlands (Zimbabwe). This will lead to better formulation and implementation of conservation strategies through provision of recommendation strategies that provide long lasting conservation action plans. Local communities’ involvement will be key for success of any crab conservation activities.


Fellows involved in this project

Iso Lomso Fellow
South Africa

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