Being South African: Moving Beyond Race

This project is about South African identity and the key question to be answered would be: what does it mean to be South African as opposed to a white, coloured, African or Indian South African? My methodology here will be to interview a cross-section of South Africans on the topic and to intersperse their comments with my own commentary and research.

The aim of this project will be to investigate how far we have come in the process of building a South African nation and how far we still have to go. My interviewees will not be based on race alone, but will also consist of various sectors in society in order to unpack the different identities that we all have.

This is a logical follow-up to the work that that has already been done on race and South African identity.

Project leader(s):
  • Ryland Fisher (former editor of The Cape Times and The New Age)

One response to “Being South African: Moving Beyond Race”

  1. Sithabiso
    Sithabiso on 8 June 2014 at 23:07: Reply

    Hi Ryland

    This is a great project, I’m doing some research for the KZN Provincial Task Team on Social Cohesion and it would be great if you could perhaps direct me to some literature that I could look into and if you are at an advanced stage of your project, please share some of your findings.



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