Conjuring majorities: Life, infrastructure, and relational politics in the urban South

A joint book manuscript ‘Conjuring majorities: life, infrastructure, and relational politics in the urban South’ (with AbdouMaliq Simone) will be completed. The book will seek to recast debates on cities in the global South by offering a conceptual diagram of the ways in which the incommensurable worlds of everyday urban practices, popular economies and figurations of material environments, formal urban institutional policymaking and planning mechanisms could be articulated.

This responds to an existing corpus of urban literature that does not adequately clarify just why the contemporary period is a distinctive moment in both the extensiveness of potential urban transformations and the possibilities for reactivating a more effective and judicious urban politics. The literature also does not account for why a more nuanced and textured analysis of everyday life and urban popular economies can be folded into a strategic engagement with the future.

Project leader(s):
  • Edgar Pieterse (Cape Town)

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