Discovery and ethical dimensions of the natural sciences

The archives of Nobel Prizes have been used for the production of two books, Nobel Prizes and Life Sciences (2010) and Nobel Prizes and Nature’s Surprises (2013). Writing about Nobel Prizes by use of the Nobel archives as these progressively become available following the 50 years secrecy rules will be continued. The next book will focus primarily on prizes in physiology or medicine 1963-65. The prize in 1963 concerns neurophysiology which will be first in line. In parallel a book on Science for Peace (a tentative title) will be developed to deal with Nobel Peace Prizes awarded to natural scientists. Matters of food for all, of eliminating the threat of nuclear weapons, of global elimination of infectious diseases, and of informing about forthcoming environmental changes (IPCC – international panel for climate change) will be discussed.

Project leader(s):
  • Erling Norrby (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)

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