Global Human Rights Law and the Boundaries of Statehood

How does a transformation of the boundaries of statehood contribute to recovering the public and political nature of human rights law beyond the international legal order of territorial states? This question, the object of an international colloquium, is explored along six complementary lines of inquiry: (1) the relationship between international human rights law, state sovereignty and global business operations; (2) a juxtaposition of state-based and victim-based approaches to international human rights protection in relation to global business operations; (3) the relationship between the state-centred conception of international human rights law and the protection of global public goods; (4) global human rights law in the area of tension between state-based politics and globalising economies; (5) the intersections between global human rights protection and public and private international law; (6) the ramifications of the privatisation and trans-nationalisation of human rights law for the international legal order of states.

Project leader(s):
  • Hans Lindahl (Tilburg)

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