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Hans Lindahl

Law School
University of Tilburg
  • 2015 First Semester
  • 2017 First Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

This is a team project within the Crossing Borders theme. Coordinators: Hans Lindahl (Tilburg) and Louise Du Toit (Stellenbosch) Description: There is widespread agreement that the enormous growth of cross-border...
The terms “globe” and “world” are used interchangeably in the contemporary discussion about legal globalizations. So, for example, the WTO’s webpage dedicated to explaining what the organization...
One of the key tasks of my stay at STIAS will be to work on a project that addresses the normative and institutional basis of what Hannah Arendt calls “the right to have rights”. The fact that struggles...
How does a transformation of the boundaries of statehood contribute to recovering the public and political nature of human rights law beyond the international legal order of territorial states? This question,...

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Book/Book Chapter

Hans Lindahl. 2013. Fault Lines of Globalization: Legal Order and the Politics of A-Legality. Oxford University Press, 286 + xii pp) ISBN 978-0-19-960168-4.

Journal Article

Lindahl, Hans. 2016. One Pillar: Legal Authority and a Social License to Operate in a Global Context. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 23(1).

Journal Article

Augenstein, Daniel and Hans Lindahl. 2016. Introduction: Global Human Rights Law and the Boundaries of Statehood. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 23(1).


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