Political culture in Africa and post-communist Europe: towards explaining the logic of democratic underdevelopment

The strategic aim is to prepare a book for publication that describes and explains the vicissitudes of democracy and underdevelopment in Africa and Eastern Europe by method of comparison. The point is to describe and explain socio-political features that differ considerably from the Western models of politics and economy. The book will show that the world, and especially Africa and Eastern Europe, is not following unequivocally one trajectory, that political culture in its pluralism is not only relevant but indispensable prism through which true understanding of diversity is possible. It will be a serious contribution to the debates raging now in Europe and Africa At least three chapters will be finalized while at STIAS. This synthetic work will be based on a number of previously written, published or sketched texts while also new research will be undertaken on recent developments in the theory of political culture as well as in the field of political culture in Africa and Eastern Europe.

Project leader(s):
  • Petr Skalník (Department of Politics, University of Hradec)

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