The short history of evidence-based veterinary vaccinology

The project is concerned with vaccinology in the public eye. As in human medicine, vaccinophobia has hampered acceptance of immunization also in the companion animal veterinary scene, has led to sometimes militant campaigning against it, and has resulted in reduced herd immunity with re-emergence of previously controlled infectious disease. A widespread, internet-promulgated, irrational antagonism against immunization prevails in the medical and companion animal environments in affluent Western countries – conspicuously only there. The infamous vaccination/autism debate has sparked patient group actions, led to litigation cases and has resulted in a decrease of vaccine coverage. The effects are tragic – measles outbreaks with fatal cases have soared, in the UK, Ireland, recently also in the Netherlands, and the infection has become endemic. The objective of the project is to discuss options to reverse this trend.

Project leader(s):
  • Marian Horzinek (Utrecht)

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