Theory from the South

‘The Global South’ is rarely seen as a source of explanation for world historical events. Yet, as nation-states of the north experience increasing fiscal meltdown, privatization, corruption, ethnic conflict, and joblessness, it seems as though they are evolving southward, so to speak, in both positive and problematic ways. Is this so? How? In what measure? These questions will be investigated, seeking to reverse the usual order of things. In particular, it will be asked how these things might be understood anew with theory developed in the south. This vantage renders key problems of our time at once strange and familiar, giving an ironic twist to the evolutionary pathways long assumed by social scientists. A book with the above title will be published.

Project leader(s):
  • Jean Comaroff (Chicago)
  • John Comaroff (Chicago)

Jean and John L Comaroff. Theory from the South: Or, How Euro-America is evolving toward Africa. Paradigm Publishers, Boulder (2011)

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