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Adriaan van Klinken

United Kingdom
School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science
University of Leeds
Fellow, Young Scholar:
  • 2016 First Semester
  • 2016 Second Semester
  • 2024 First Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

Against the background of ongoing debates about decolonisation and religion in Africa, this project examines the representation of, and engagement with Christianity in contemporary African literature....
This project examines the complexity and multiplicity of Christian contributions to politics of homosexuality and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights in Africa. In popular discourses,...

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Book/Book Chapter

Van Klinken, Adriaan. 2020. Stories Telling Bodies: A Self-Disclosing Queer Theology of Sexuality and Vulnerability. In Vulnerability and Resilience: Body and Liberating Theologies. Lexington Books.

Journal Article

Van Klinken, Adriaan. 2016. Pentecostalism, Political Masculinity and Citizenship. Journal of Religion in Africa 46:129–57.

Journal Article

Van Klinken, Adriaan & Otu, Kwame Edwin. 2017. Ancestors, embodiment and sexual desire: Wild religion and the body in the story of a South African lesbian sangoma. Body and Religion, 1(1), 70–87.

Journal Article

Van Klinken, Adriaan. 2017. Culture Wars, Race, and Sexuality A Nascent Pan-African LGBT-Affirming Christian Movement and the Future of Christianity. Journal of Africana Religions, 5(2), 217–238.

Book/Book Chapter

Van Klinken, Adriaan. 2019. Kenyan, Christian, Queer. Penn State University Press.

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