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Ben Ross Schneider

Department of Political Science, Ford International Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 2019 First Semester

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A growing scholarly consensus views high quality education as essential for sustained and equitable development. Yet lasting reforms to improve education quality in developing countries are rare because...

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Journal Article

Schneider, Ben Ross. 2021. Teacher Unions, Political Machines, and the Thorny Politics of Education Reform in Latin America. Politics & Society, 003232922110027.

Journal Article

Doner, Richard and Ben Ross Schneider. 2019. Technical Education in the Middle Income Trap: Building Coalitions for Skill Formation. The Journal of Development Studies, 1–18.

Journal Article

Mizala, Alejandra and Ben Schneider. 2019. Promoting quality education in Chile: the politics of reforming teacher careers. Journal of Education Policy.

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