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Christian Van den Broeck

University of Hasselt
  • 2017 First Semester
  • 2017 Second Semester
  • 2018 First Semester

Involved in these STIAS projects

We develop an operational convolutional neural network, that distinguishes 170 different South African birdsongs. The dataset consists of 3228 recordings extracted from Xeno-Canto, a user-generated database....
South Africa is one of the top destinations in the world for bird watching. From the total of about 10000 of bird species,850 species are to be found here. Kwazulu-­Natal in particular is one of the richest...

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Journal Article

Toral, Raúl, Christian Van den Broeck, Daniel Escaff, and Katja Lindenberg. 2017. Stochastic Thermodynamics for Ising Chain and Symmetric Exclusion Process. Physical Review E 95(3):32114.

Journal Article

Proesmans, Karel, Hans Vandebroek and Christian Van den Broeck. 2017. General Criterion for Harmonicity. Physical Review Letters, 119(14), 147803.

Journal Article

Escaff, Daniel, Raúl Toral, Christian Van den Broeck and Katja Lindenberg. 2018. A continuous-time persistent random walk model for flocking. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, 28(7), 75507.

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