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Daniel Conley

Lund University
  • 2016 Second Semester
  • 2017 First Semester

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The Okavango Delta, Botswana is a World Heritage Site and an international treasure. The Delta is created by seasonal flooding from rainfall in the Angola highlands, the water is transported by the Okavango...

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Journal Article

Conley, Daniel J., Patrick J. Frings, Guillaume Fontorbe, Wim Clymans, Johanna Stadmark, Katharine R. Hendry,Alan O. Marron and Christina L. De La Rocha. 2017. Biosilicification Drives a Decline of Dissolved Si in the Oceans through Geologic Time. Frontiers in Marine Science, 4: 397.

Journal Article

Sutton, Jill N., Luc André, Damien Cardinal, Daniel J. Conley, Gregory F. de Souza, Jonathan Dean, Justin Dodd, Claudia Ehlert, Michael J. Ellwood, Patrick J. Frings, Patricia Grasse, Katharine Hendry, Melanie J. Leng, Panagiotis michalopoulos, Virginia N. Panizzo and George E. A. Swann. 2018. A Review of the Stable Isotope Bio-geochemistry of the Global Silicon Cycle and Its Associated Trace Elements. Frontiers in Earth Science, 5:112.

Journal Article

Hendry, Katharine R., Alan O. Marron, Flora Vincent, Daniel J. Conley, Marion Gehlen, Federico M. Ibarbalz, Bernard Quéguiner and Chris Bowler. 2018. Competition between Silicifiers and Non-silicifiers in the Past and Present Ocean and Its Evolutionary Impacts. Frontiers in Marine Science, 5:22.

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