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David Dunér

Department of Cultural Sciences
Lund University
  • 2016 Second Semester

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The South African flora and fauna have been studied by a number of Swedish naturalists the last 250 years. Some of them, Sparrman and Thunberg in the 1770s and the Swedish South Africa Expedition in 1950–1951,...

Related publications

Journal Article

Dunér, David. 2020. The cultural semiotics of African encounters: Eighteenth-Century images of the Other. Semiotica.

Book/Book Chapter

Dunér, David. 2016. Ovisshetens Poesi: Lundensiska Naturalhistorikers Skildringar Från Främmande Världar. Pp. 91–106 in Svenska Linnésällskapets årsskrift 2016. edited by G. Broberg and D. Dunér. Uppsala: Svenska Linnésällskapet.

Journal Article

Dunér, David. 2017. On the Plausibility of Intelligent Life on Other Worlds. Environmental Humanities, 9(2), 433–453.

Book/Book Chapter

Broberg, Gunner and David Dunér. 2017. Prepared for Both: Lund University and the Surrounding World. Lund University.

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