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David Dunér

Department of Cultural Sciences
Lund University
  • 2016 Second Semester

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The South African flora and fauna have been studied by a number of Swedish naturalists the last 250 years. Some of them, Sparrman and Thunberg in the 1770s and the Swedish South Africa Expedition in 1950–1951,...

Related publications

Book/Book Chapter

Dunér, David. 2016. Ovisshetens Poesi: Lundensiska Naturalhistorikers Skildringar Från Främmande Världar. Pp. 91–106 in Svenska Linnésällskapets årsskrift 2016. edited by G. Broberg and D. Dunér. Uppsala: Svenska Linnésällskapet.

Journal Article

Dunér, David. 2017. On the Plausibility of Intelligent Life on Other Worlds. Environmental Humanities, 9(2), 433–453.

Book/Book Chapter

Broberg, Gunner and David Dunér. 2017. Prepared for Both: Lund University and the Surrounding World. Lund University.

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