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Denis-Constant Martin

Les Afriques dans le monde
Sciences-Po Bordeaux
  • 2013 First Semester
  • 2015 First Semester

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Following up on the publication of Sounding the Cape, Music, Identity and Politics in South Africa ( African Minds, Somerset West, 2013) researched and published with support by STIAS, this project will...
Nederlandsliedjies are one of the two most important repertoires of creole songs which feature in the competitions of the Sangkore (also called: Nagtroepe, Hollandse Teams or Malay Choirs); they are also...
Cape Town has a rich and most diverse musical heritage, shaped by all kinds of cosmopolitan influences. From the perspective of the sociology of music, the project examines the expression of identities...

Related publications

Journal Article

Martin, Denis-Constant. 2013. Survivre n’est pas toujours drôle… Les moppies, chansons comiques du Cap (Afrique du Sud). Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie, 26, 127–151.

Martin, Denis-Constant. 2022. Anwar Gambeno (1949-2022), The art of Cape Town singing, Lesedi 25. (Carnets de terrain, IFAS Recherche, Johannesburg), 59-70.

Martin, Denis-Constant. 2021. A Research Itinerary from Fieldwork to Archives: Cape Town (South Africa), Festivals, Music, ‘Identities,’ Politics. Sources, Materials & Fieldwork in African Studies, 3.

Book/Book Chapter

Gaulier, Armelle and Denis-Constant Martin. 2017. Cape Town Harmonies: Memory, Humour and Resilience. African Minds.

Denis-Constant Martin. 2021. Chronicles of the Kaapse Klopse: Followed by Themes in Klopse Names, 261 p.

Journal Article

Denis-Constant Martin. 2008. TRACES D’AVENIR: Mémoires musicales et ré conciliation en Afrique du Sud. Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie, 22/2008: Mémoire, traces, histoire

Book/Book Chapter

Denis-Constant Martin. 2013. Sounding the Cape: Music, Identity and Politics in Sourth Africa. African Minds, 444 + xxvi pp. ISBN 978-1-920489-82-3.

Book/Book Chapter

Martin, Denis-Constant. 2015. Les beautés de l’ambivalence en dispute, les nederlandsliedjies du Cap (Afrique du Sud). Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie 28:127–144.

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